Awesome Features

It is not your usual app for DOTA 2. It is brand new tool to improve your skills and timing. It is not an application, it is a new way to play the game.

  • Press Start and that is it

    One press of a button will set in motion the system of tracking your items, skills and strategies

  • Easy way to create your very own guide

    There is no need to write useless chunks of text, be discrete and be popular

  • Friendly layout

    Everything you need on a screen. All you need is having a phone by your side

  • Click and Forget

    Click on Roshan icon and application will remind you to check when time is right

iPhone mockup
  • Like-system of guides

    You can see what guides people use more often, but also you search for others as well

  • Popularity System

    The most popular guide for every hero will be set as default automatically, if you have not, choose your favourite yet.

  • Energize

    Get you charges from good guides. Yours skill will be rewarded.

  • More on the way

    v1.0 is just the beginning. Much more is planned for future updates.

App Screenshots

Example pages of feed and the hero guides

Clients Feedback

Some people are waiting for this already


Very comfortable and easy guide system. Waiting for this, guys.


I will use it, for sure.


That should be helpful.

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